Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is one of the largest education institutions in the East Midlands, housing more than 60,000 students a year and being one of the top 20 Universities in the UK. Recently being awarded the University of the Year 2017, It comes just two months after Nottingham Trent celebrated being named the Times and Sunday Times Modern University of the Year, acknowledging success in both the National Students’ Survey and recent league tables.


Through the national Crown Commercial Services (CCS) portal MCL completed a comprehensive tender response. It was clear from the offset of the set agenda that Nottingham Trent University had a Managed Service requirement set as the most important aspect of their requirement. Secondly was the control of cost and initial requirement being that of a shared pooled data requirement for all users.

Commercial requirement of a solutions partner that would deliver a true partnership in technology development and control of costs, devolved with 76 billing cost centres. Network performance and capability is key as the Brackenhurst Campus was on the edge of Nottingham.

Fully integrated MdM (mobile device management) being GDPR compliant protecting University information. International solution as the University members deploys globally to promote the University as an option of choice in the United Kingdom. Require a fully managed deployment plan between three campus sites in Nottinghamshire, with telephone, email and onsite support.


MCL/Daisy completed a full tariff audit against current users; this created the basis of creating the right bespoke solution. Tariff creation for NTU incorporated unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and data x3 of the requirement. Our creation had in mind ease of administration and financial implications. Creating a fixed cost that supplied all the services beyond the requirement. Incorporating a coterminous airtime agreement incorporating future requirement of growth through proactive assessment of leavers/new starters.

Created a dedicated line and email address for all NTU users, pre-deployment of a fully MdM (mobile device management) on all existing/new devices. Defined the NTU requirement with several meetings which involved the procurement, financial, IS and management teams.

Time line creation with a full programme deployment plan and welcome pack to every user, deployment project 1 was to incorporate MdM to all users. This enabled MCL & NTU the ability to audit current estate of users and the type of device was incorporated at NTU.

This evolved to deployment project 2 – unlocking of all devices that are compliant with the University regulations and deploying new devices that NTU choose to have as the standard device. Deployment project 3 – creation of a unique welcome pack which embedded the new airtime sim card and process of the port process.

Creation of a new unique global roaming plan on MCL private platform for the international team, which also incorporates a tracking solution for the staff on duty in various global locations as part of NTU care program.

Liaise with current incumbent supplier to obtain port authorisation code (PAC) and segment out 76 cost centre codes Maintain billing report on a monthly basis as the networks have not the ability or the platform to breakdown billing as NTU required.